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  • SharePoint Vendors Who Delete All Your Stuff???

    It’s been a while since I blogged, been SO very busy at work – but after this call, I am dropping everything to write this. A new client just contacted me to tell me that they are in trouble with their SharePoint site. They proceeded to explain that their SharePoint vendor of 3 months, sent […]

  • Are Change Management / Managers still relevant in Office 365?

    As is always the case with technology implementations, the last thing on most people’s minds is training and change management. The more modern the technology gets, the worse this gets. People think that technology is intuitive and easy to use. “If you build it, they will come”. No, they won’t. In a world living at […]

  • How Are You Coping With Lockdown?

    We’re 11 days into lockdown in South Africa. In our industry, we’re used to working from home and really though this would be business as usual for us. But what has happened is that we are working 10 times more than we did before! With everyone at home now, people have got more time to […]

  • “Am I on the Right Track? #SharePoint

    Events can be tricky things. They can either empower you, or scare the skin off you. We were having a conversation with a long-time industry friend who was concerned about her progress in SharePoint after hearing all kinds of “keep up or die messages”. Here’s our take on this as we think it’s a common […]

  • A Panic Shared is a Panic Halved

    We live in a society where appearances are everything.  We are expected to just put on a brave face, suck it up and not bother anyone with our issues. We are expected to never show weakness, vulnerability, or Heaven forbid, fear.  So many people living in quiet desperation.  Social media doesn’t help.  People look so […]

  • Slow Down

    The technology world moves at breakneck speed.  Every single day new innovations are launched that leave anyone not working for a huge IT company dazed and confused.  Then the marketing side kicks in and you are convinced that if you don’t keep up with every single one of those innovations, you are going to be […]

  • 10 Years in SharePoint Today!

    Today is my 10 year SharePoint anniversary!  Where did the time go….?  What a journey it has been.  You know how sometimes you wonder if you are on the right path, or imagine that you should be somewhere else?  I’m a serial bush baby and nature lover, so I assumed that I would only be […]

  • Be Free!

    It’s Freedom Day in South Africa.  Apart from the political agenda the rest of the country celebrates, my wish for you is the following: May you be free from people who lie and steal from you May you be free from drama May you be free from people who take advantage of you May you […]

  • “I’m Going to Make Millions”

    We hosted a stand at the My Business Expo last week.  We were privileged to have hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs and start-ups at our stand all day.  We got to hear so many stories and plans which really gives me hope for this country. The main questions I asked everyone was “how does it […]

  • We Are Not “Resources”

    Human “Resources” …. when did that happen?!  It drives me insane. Why is it called the Human Resources Department?  To take the humanity out of it allowing some companies to perform some of the worst atrocities in history?  Why not the Human Beings Department?  Because then it will remind people that we are actually dealing […]

  • Choices

    I think there comes a point in everyone’s lives where they have to choose sides, and  I don’t mean with political parties, or rugby games… While we have free will, we have been carefully herded to live in constant fear; every system in place is to support us being afraid all the time and keep […]

  • True Costs

    I’m having one of those ‘despairing at the world’ weeks.  It just completely baffles me how we can allow something so beautiful to be so destroyed for the sake of money and greed. There is no point in trying to change the giant corporations running this world, they are quite fine thank you very much. […]

  • Bad News

    Has anyone ever called you fat?  Stupid? Ugly? Even just once?  How did it make you feel? Imagine someone told you this 24 times a day, every day, for years.  How would you be feeling about yourself after a week, never mind a couple of years. Imagine I told you that you lived in a […]

  • Are You Holding Someone Back, or Being Held Back?

    “A leopard never changes his spots”, “you’ll never change”, “people don’t change”, “that’s just the way you are”, “you aren’t very good at that”, “are you drunk”, “shall we pack a bag for this trip”, “knowing your luck it will be a disaster”, “knowing your luck you’ll break something”, “you are high maintenance just like […]

  • Are You Living In Fear?

    The internet is a terrible and wonderful place all at the same time.  It’s our global consciousness with nowhere to hide from our magical and monstrous side. It has never been easier to be vicious and cruel, or loving and generous. We have more knowledge freely available to us than at any time in our […]

  • Earthlings, We Have a Problem…

    It doesn’t matter any more where you live on this incredible planet of ours – from Chile to China, Denmark to Durban – our planet is seriously messed up! And if we don’t start waking up right now and doing something about it, there will be no planet left for the next generation. So what’s […]

  • 5 Tips to Revive Your SharePoint Passion

    Soon as you’ve been in SharePoint for a couple of years, you hit a slump.  You get bored with what you’re doing, stuck in your ways and start irritating yourself. That’s because you’ve hit a comfort zone – and it’s a very seductive place to be. It’s fine to wallow there for a while because […]

  • Taking Charge of Your Career

    Just read a very thought-provoking article on LinkednIn called The End of Careers as We Know Them by Ray Williams.  The end bits of advice struck a cord with me. They are also a great addition to my previous blog post.  SharePoint can be your ticket to a whole new life.  It might not be […]

  • Celebrate Small Business

    Have you noticed how small businesses are always trying to look bigger than they are? Why is that?  What’s wrong with being a small business?  Every single big business on this planet started as a small business – as just one person with a vision sitting in a garage or a bedroom. There’s the standard answers; […]

  • Fallen Idols

    Have you ever put someone on a pedestal and then be totally crushed when they disappoint you? Friends, lovers, family, colleagues, business partners, life partners, bosses – there’s usually someone around you that you simply idolise above all isn’t there.  Those special people who you think the world of, who you believe would never do anything dodgy […]