Category: Ownership and Skills

  • What Makes a “World Class” SharePoint Consultant?

    It is a well-known problem that the SharePoint industry globally is full of job hopping, over-inflated ego, self-serving under achievers. These bad apples have spent a great deal of time ruining the SharePoint brand at clients, blowing their own horns, spoiling it for many consultants who are top of their game or getting there, and dragging […]

  • Sample SharePoint Job Descriptions

    By popular demand, we are republishing the sample SharePoint job descriptions we had on our old website.  Thanks for keeping us on our toes and letting us know what content you like.  That really helps us bring you things you need.  Shout any time if there is something else you would like to see. This […]

  • So, you think you don’t have time for SharePoint?

    Quite often, when implementing SharePoint there is a bit of resistance, and people believe that this is just something new added to their existing job profile. Think about Microsoft Outlook, and when it started becoming common practice to use as the preferred method to communicate with suppliers or customers. The resistance experienced at the time, […]