Author: Veronique Palmer

  • The Role of SharePoint in Microsoft 365

    The Role of SharePoint in Microsoft 365

    Teams and OneDrive can only take you so far. Most companies start by just creating a traditional file share / share drive structure in them. Hundreds of folders in one library containing thousands of documents. Many companies think that if they’ve got all their documents uploaded into Teams, they’ve “done” SharePoint. Far from it. The […]

  • Productivity Tip When Using Folders in SharePoint

    We try to use metadata as much as possible when storing documents in SharePoint, but old habits die hard and sometimes you just need folders too. Just try not to go more than 2 levels deep or you end up with folder sprawl making it very hard to find anything, and possibly running into long […]

  • Big News – You Can Now Change Your SharePoint Domain Name!

    After YEARS of waiting, Microsoft have finally figured out how to let us change our domain names! So for those of you who have, etc, or another creative name because you didn’t realise the impact at the time, you can now fix it; or if your company has changed names. There are plenty […]

  • Work-Around for Move To / Copy To Function in SharePoint Online

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but since Microsoft ‘upgraded’ the move to / copy to experience in SharePoint Online a few months ago, the functionality has basically been broken. No amount of calls logged to them is resolving this. The result is people having to download endless content and uploading it again in its […]

  • Change to SharePoint Online Site Navigation

    Before you have a heart-attack like I nearly did this morning, we can still have mega menus on team sites. Microsoft has changed the way you configure the navigation, and it does not make it clear at all that the functionality is still there. And if you’ve been using SharePoint for years, you will be […]

  • Hallelujah! Private Channels in the SharePoint Admin Centre!

    They have finally arrived! The ability to see the site collections created with private channels in Teams! THANK YOU MICROSOFT!!!! Intranet Admins everywhere can start breathing a sigh of relief! Site sprawl and hidden content from Teams is causing headaches across the globe. This will help greatly in seeing what’s going on from the SharePoint […]

  • New Experience When Editing Modern SharePoint Pages

    While we were on holiday, the way modern pages looked when editing them changed. They used to show the site navigation like this : But now the default hides all navigation when editing pages. This makes it tricky to see what you are linking to when you’re trying to link to list and libraries on […]

  • Keep an Eye on the OneDrive Migration Tool

    The interface for moving / copying documents from OneDrive to SharePoint has changed a bit. It’s a big pop up on the screen now. However, you need to keep an eye on the status after clicking “Move / Copy Here” because it doesn’t always start. Once you’ve made your migration selection, check the top right […]

  • SharePoint Online Pages Text Spacing Tip

    We love the modern pages in SharePoint Online. But a couple of months ago, Microsoft changed something and suddenly all the existing and new text was pushed into double line spacing. It took forever to go around and clean that lot up. To avoid double line spacing, simply click SHIFT and Enter when making a […]

  • SharePoint Viewers – See Who Viewed Something

    SharePoint Viewers allows you to see the names of people that viewed something. It is activated under Settings > Site Information > View All Site Settings > Manage Site Features. It also specifies that site members can see who’s viewed. However, this is not the case. Site visitors can also see who’s viewed the item. […]

  • Undo Edit in Grid View Mistakes

    When you’re doing rapid changes in grid view in lists and libraries, it’s easy to sometimes copy and paste information into the wrong cells by accident. Hit CTRL-Z immediately upon realising your error and it will undo the mistake.

  • SharePoint Vendors Who Delete All Your Stuff???

    It’s been a while since I blogged, been SO very busy at work – but after this call, I am dropping everything to write this. A new client just contacted me to tell me that they are in trouble with their SharePoint site. They proceeded to explain that their SharePoint vendor of 3 months, sent […]

  • Stop the Number 1 in Numbering from Indenting on in SharePoint Online Pages

    Have you noticed how when you have text that you want to number as a heading with a fullstop next to it, that the number 1 immediately indents and make the text smaller when you put a space between the number and the text? Yet you can put space on any other number and it’s […]

  • Office 365 Glossary of Terms for Business Users

    Learning a new technology is never an easy thing. The terminology alone can be overwhelming, let alone the functionality. Here’s a list of commonly used words you’ll start to hear when using Office 365 to build your intranet and use Office 365. Hope it helps. Feel free to copy and paste it into your intranet […]

  • Make a Christmas Themed SharePoint Home Page

    It’s been quite the year huh. End it on a cheerful note and give your intranet a Christmas theme. This is super easy in SharePoint Online because you can make different site pages into home pages whenever you want to. Get yourself some Christmas gifs in large format and put it into a one cell […]

  • Site Pages Content Type Issues on Converted SharePoint Online Sites (Impacts News Web Part)

    Just a heads up that if you have an older Office 365 tenant that started its default site collection in classic and has since been converted into a modern – it breaks the Site Pages content type. This means that when you’ve added metadata to classify the pages, whilst you can tag the pages on […]

  • Error Signing in and Out of Office 365 Tenants

    A new issue has cropped up the past couple of weeks. Something that has worked seamlessly for years suddenly doesn’t. If you are a member of multiple Office 365 tenants, you generally spend all day signing in and out of tenants like we do. We used to just be able to type the new tenant […]

  • Are Change Management / Managers still relevant in Office 365?

    As is always the case with technology implementations, the last thing on most people’s minds is training and change management. The more modern the technology gets, the worse this gets. People think that technology is intuitive and easy to use. “If you build it, they will come”. No, they won’t. In a world living at […]

  • How to Sign into Office 365 from Anywhere and Navigate

    There are 2 main ways you can get into Office 365 depending on where you are in your journey. Our go-to way is to sign into the intranet home page. That is always, so ours is for example. Sign in with your work email address and password. This takes us to your intranet […]

  • How to Format the SharePoint Online News Digest Email

    There isn’t an out of box way to format the emails that come out of SharePoint by default; they do say it’s coming though. In the meantime, there is a work-around. It’s not an automated solution, but it’s better than nothing if you absolutely cannot use the default mail that comes out : Here’s how […]