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  • New Exam for Business Users : Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist

    A new exam was launched in April for all the Office 365 / SharePoint user adoption specialists out there. It’s so great to have a non technical exam available again for business users. Here’s the blurb from edX : This is a course for professionals who are accountable for or learning how to drive the […]

  • Should You Train Your Staff on SharePoint?

    Any major implementation of SharePoint / Office 365 should have a training component included in the planning. The type and scale of training is dependent on the size of the project and company.  It’s not always easy to sell the benefits of training because there are always significant costs involved and companies are cognizant of […]

  • You Cannot Fake SharePoint!

    Random IT / Web Design / Graphics Business : “We’ve just got this big client that we have to implement SharePoint at.  Quickly send us a quote and come give us 3 days of training”. Me : “So how much SharePoint experience does your team have now?” Random IT / Web Design / Graphics Business : […]

  • Tell the Truth on Training Evals

    Sometimes it isn’t helpful to just be polite when you don’t like something – going to training is one of those times. If you attend training and get given an evaluation form to rate the day, take the time to be truthful about your experience.  Any good training house takes those evaluations very seriously and […]

  • SPChat Transcript: SharePoint End User Training with Veronique Palmer Follow Up

    The SharePoint Community kindly invited me to do a chat on end user training. The time flew so fast that I didn’t get to address all the questions posed.  This is a follow up to the ones I missed : ieDaddy “Is branding the training site effective?” It’s only effective if the production sites the […]

  • Sleeping on the Job – Literally

    People think being a SharePoint end user trainer is an easy job; that you can throw any ol’ person at the job.  Nothing could be further from the truth. It is safe to say that not all SharePoint trainers are created equally, but the good ones care deeply about their craft and take their impact […]

  • Difference Between Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer

    Further to the previous post on why your SharePoint training could be failing, herewith the difference between Windows and Internet Explorer :  

  • Another Reason Your SharePoint Training Plan Could be Failing

    There are always plenty reason why your training plan may be failing – lack of consistency, wrong content, wrong timing, wrong audience, no drivers, no long term vision … it goes on.  However, one thing we have seen over and over again, is lack of basic skills by delegates.  Companies are sending staff to SharePoint […]

  • The Importance of an Inhouse SharePoint Training Co-Ordinator

    Large organisations need a long term and ongoing SharePoint training plan to ensure the successful adoption of SharePoint into the company.  People often under-estimate the amount of work involved in this task and the knock-on effects if it’s not done correctly. Many companies send their staff to external training, but just as many clients like […]

  • Did Your SharePoint Training Leave You Feeling Sick to Your Stomach?

    How would you feel if you went to SharePoint training and the teacher sarcastically said “Do I need to send you on Typing 101 first?”.  How would you feel if the teacher made you feel stupid all day; made you scared to death to ask a question; left you alone all day and complained about […]

  • Managing SharePoint Training Expectations

    Further to the previous post on Your SharePoint Training Path, it would be prudent to manage expectation a little on the timeframes of the up-skill path. To become a fully fledged and truly self proficient Site Collection Administrator will take approximately one year of full time mentorship and training. To become a Records Management Specialist, look at 2 years […]

  • Your SharePoint Training Path

    When trying to decide what SharePoint training to go on, we always have the same answer – make sure you know what’s going on out of box and with the “easy” stuff before you specialise in anything.  It doesn’t matter how technical or non-technical you want to get in your career, you need a solid […]

  • Lets Collaborate’s External SharePoint 2010 End User Training

    We have decided to expand our wings and offer external training.  We have traditionally only done onsite training, but we’ve had so many requests for offsite training we’ve decided to do that too. All we do is SharePoint end user training and consulting. We are the leading specialists in SharePoint beginners and getting business users […]

  • Introducing LCTV – SharePoint 2010 Videos

    Because I couldn’t find videos that said what I needed them to say, I decided to create my own channel on Youtube called LCTV.  The account is under LetsCollaborateZA.  The videos will be based on Lets Collaborate’s training curriculum and include all the governance that is included in that training.  The SharePoint tutorials will only […]

  • SharePoint 2010 Webinar – Site Pages for Beginners

    Pragmatic Works is hosting a 3 part series of webinars for me starting next week.  The first in the series is SharePoint 2010 Site Pages for Beginners.  It’s free and only an hour so register if you’re interested.  For the locals, it takes place at 6pm South Africa time on Tuesday 19 April.  The US […]

  • SharePoint Training or SharePoint Designer Training?

    There is still plenty confusion out there on what type of training business users should go on.  I get constant requests from business users to go on SharePoint Designer (SPD) training – this is not the appropriate training for people with no SharePoint experience. You configure SharePoint in SharePoint and only use SPD for the […]

  • So Very Proud Of : Annelize Jonck (Nedbank)

    For three reasons : One – Annelize passed the one year mark on my SharePoint Mentorship Program this month.  She went from being a Project Office Administrator, no SharePoint experience, with one of her projects being to create an intranet site for Nedbank Corporate – to single handedly running the whole site collection for Corporate consisting […]

  • Changes to Lets Collaborate Training Curriculum

    I have decided to retire the 3 Day Power User course.  It was an eLearning outline I felt compelled to offer but is not adding value nor is it effective in teaching business users SharePoint. It is too much information over too many days which users cannot retain on a long term basis.  My unique […]

  • SharePoint 2010 Bootcamp – Feedback for End Users

    One thing is for sure, if you haven’t already, you need to upgrade to Office 2007 as soon as possible. SharePoint 2010 is all ribbon based and if you’re not used to, it is going to be a long adoption process for you. You need the experience now so you can smoothly transition to SharePoint […]

  • SharePoint 2010 Bootcamp – Techie Notes

    I sure learnt alot, these notes are what made sense to me. General Authentication is now claims based, (the Geneva framework). This means that you can authenticate users from non AD scenarios, eg: Hotmail and Gmail accounts. Can export lists and libraries now. Share Content Types across site collections with Content Type Hubs. Visio is […]