Tell the Truth on Training Evals

Sometimes it isn’t helpful to just be polite when you don’t like something – going to training is one of those times.

If you attend training and get given an evaluation form to rate the day, take the time to be truthful about your experience.  Any good training house takes those evaluations very seriously and follows up on all anomalies.

What doesn’t help, is rating the day great and saying you enjoyed it, then telling people weeks later that you did not enjoy it.  This is not fair on the trainer or the company that provided that service, and there is little constructive action that can be done to remedy the situation under those circumstances.

Be open and honest on your experience and give the vendor the opportunity to follow up and correct whatever it was you did not like. Bad mouthing them behind their back creates ill feelings in every direction because these things always come out and this is how reputations are ruined. 

It is so important to just tell it like it is.  You won’t get into trouble, but what you will do is help the company become so much better. The comments your write are so important; it’s how continuous improvement happens, how service levels can be vastly improved and how you can get more value for your money.  Take a few moments to share your honest thoughts on the day and everybody wins. Trainers live for the comments and use it as a measure for their personal service levels too. So, meet your training budget half way and tell the truth.

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  1. Hi Veronique,
    I write courses on Microsoft Business Intelligence and teach the subject also. I get those same requests.

    By the way great newsletter!


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