Category: Modern SharePoint

  • How to Get the Top Navigation / Mega Menu on a Modern Site

    Someone asked me if turning a site into the communication site look and feel would give you the top navigation. The answer is no. To get the top nav on any modern site – and by association, get the mega menu options – go to the SharePoint Admin Centre and register the site as a […]

  • Hiding the Edit Button on Modern SharePoint Sites, About Site Pages and Edit Rights

    Permissions in the modern SharePoint / Teams cloud continue being a huge headache in most people’s lives. It’s understandable. There are 13 admin centres in Office 365, 45 administrator levels; 4 different SharePoint templates, 4 additional permission levels; 3 different Teams templates; then add Office 365 groups into the mix. It’s a huge undertaking getting […]

  • “Can #SharePoint Be an e-Learning Platform?”

    This is a question we are often asked, and the answer is a resounding yes! SharePoint and by extension, Office 365, lives for this kind of thing. Let’s use the example of a business that sells safety wear that needs to ensure their distributors know how all the products work, as well as when new […]

  • Opening Modern SharePoint Online Icon and Menu Links in a New Tab

    For those of us used to classic SharePoint; being in control of what links open where was never an issue. In modern SharePoint Online, we no longer have this luxury. Microsoft has taken away the ability to open links in new tabs just about everywhere. (Yet go into Site Contents and click on stuff, and […]

  • Modern #SharePoint Online Site Footer Idea

    Now that SharePoint footers seem to be making their way across the planet, you need to think about what to put in them. Do we duplicate all the links on the top? Nah, too shleppy. But one thing that can work, is to add a link to back to the top of the site. The […]