Modern #SharePoint Online Site Footer Idea

Now that SharePoint footers seem to be making their way across the planet, you need to think about what to put in them. Do we duplicate all the links on the top? Nah, too shleppy. But one thing that can work, is to add a link to back to the top of the site. The modern thing means that sites are getting longer and longer, so you could be scrolling a while.

To do this, add a one column section right at the top of your site, and add a Text web part. Put a site heading in and change the format to Heading 1; then republish your page.

Now when you hover over any text you’ve made Heading 1, you will see a little link next to it. RIGHT-click on that link and select Copy Link Address.

Scroll to the bottom of your site and click the Edit option in the footer.

Add a new link like you would in any other modern menu. Paste the link you copied and make the Display Name ‘Back to Top’ and click OK.

And that’s it. Now when you click that, you will jump straight to the top of your site. I also like to add the company website to the footer to remind people not to duplicate what is going on in their website, in their intranet.

If you want to configure the footer some more, go to Settings > Change the Look > Footer.

You can add your icon / logo, etc. If you don’t see this option yet, just keep checking, it’s being rolled out slowly but surely across the globe.

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