Default Classic #SharePoint Libraries View Productivity Tip

Every library in SharePoint has a default “All Documents” view in it.

We use this default view to display all the columns added and not using any groupings, sort of like an admin view; something that displays all the applicable data. Then we like to rename the default view to “All Documents, Upload, Search and Filter“. Why do we like to do this?

Bulk Uploading and Editing – most content going into SharePoint is being migrated from somewhere else. When you migrate it into a view that’s already got a grouping in it, it’s going to show up like this. You need to now edit the metadata so that the views can get updated.

However, the Quick Edit option is not available on views that have any groupings on them.

So we prompt people to go a view that will make their lives easier.

Search – when you want to search just in that library, and you do it from views that have groupings on them, it’s just a nuisance to also have to expand the selection after the search results have narrowed. People are busy, we need to take as much miscellaneous clicking out of the equation as possible.

Filters – the same applies to filtering. If you filter in views that have groupings on them, it’s just extra clicks to expand the selection to find what you want.

But if we go back the ‘All Documents’ view, it just makes things quicker to work with and find, hence the renaming of the view to things that are just easier to do there.

It’s the little things that make complex platforms easier for people to use. Don’t forget who your audience is.

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