Vote on Uservoice : Stop Renaming Site Assets

Did you know that when you upload pictures into pages in SharePoint Online, they all get renamed by Microsoft?

Now while this doesn’t really matter when you’re just doing site design stuff, it is an issue when you’re using modern pages to display company photo albums.  We always rename photos before uploading them to the event or person’s name so we don’t get the whole DSC34512 and DSC35246 etc;  it’s good governance.  We then put links to the folder where they are stored so people can bulk download their own photos if they want to, because you can’t bulk download photos from the pages themselves.

However, because Microsoft inserts an obscure number in front of every photo, you cannot sort or group them, so now you have to manually scroll through every photo to find the ones you want.

If you think this needs to be fixed, please vote this up on Uservoice.

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