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  • 10 Tips for Potential SharePoint Bloggers

    The thought of putting pen to paper and publishing their thoughts in public is very scary for most people.  I often hear SharePoint business users lament the fact that while they would like a blog, they really don’t know what to say or think they don’t have anything to offer. Here are 10 ways to look that […]

  • The New Résumé: It’s 140 Characters

    According to the Wall Street Journal, Twitter is the new elevator pitch on our skills when job hunting and is becoming a bigger recruitment platform. You do realise that you will be Googled if you are job hunting right? Make sure your social media profiles are reflecting what you want to be and make sure […]

  • Yammer Tip of the Day : Sharing Files

    You can share files on Yammer, just like you can on SharePoint, except Yammer doesn’t have document management capabilities of SharePoint. (But then again, SharePoint doesn’t have the networking capabilities of Yammer). However, naming standards still count in Yammer Land.   When you’re sharing files on Yammer, make sure you’re using good naming standards or […]

  • Yammer Cheatsheet

    New to Yammer?  Download this cheatsheet to help you navigate.  We will be demo’ing Yammer at SBW on Tuesday night, as well as talking about the considerations for having a social business.  

  • Are YOU a SharePoint Rockstar 365?

    Introducing a proudly South African platform – Rockstar 365.  Built by Paul Slade, Lawrence Cawood and Sven Laurencik originally for the CRM guys, they have extended it to include SharePoint.  Rockstar 365 is about scoring and ranking the best Microsoft professionals on the planet.  Find out more.  Healthy competition is good for everyone, but finding […]

  • Update Your Social Media Profiles

    You should update your social profiles at minimum annually.  Take the time this week to check all your online profiles to make sure they reflect your current job and skillset, and that the photo looks professional. Those dodgy party photos should be private!  Remember that just about all employers Google people before hiring them. Many people […]

  • Introducing Brand New SharePoint Business Blogger – Valda van Dyk

    In response to the previous post on needing more business bloggers out there, Valda van Dyk has taken the plunge and stepped up to the plate! She lives in Cape Town, South Africa and has completely embraced SharePoint as a way of life after coming from a project management background.  Valda also has some webmaster and graphics […]

  • 15 Ways to Rebrand Yourself

    “How did you do it?”  That’s a common question when people inquire as to the reputation you’ve built up.  So how do you do it?  Here are some simple starting steps to change your stars. 1. Decide where you want to be two years from now It doesn’t matter what your dream is, you have […]

  • Benefits of Using SharePoint My Sites

    There is often nervousness about activating My Sites in an organisation.  Here are some benefits of doing so. Backup Content Encourage people to use the space on My Sites as backups for laptops for those very important docs that aren’t ready for team sites yet.  The default space limit is 100MB per user, but some […]

  • How NOT to Handle Your Social Media Strategy #Computicket #BigConcerts #LadyGagaSA

    The bookings for Lady Gaga’s tour to South Africa opened today – and as usual, Computicket failed dismally to meet the demand of ticket sales. Both Computicket and Big Concerts have Twitter accounts and Facebook fan pages, and people have been inundating both mediums with endless complaints on both mediums for the past 6 hours […]

  • Please Be Internet Aware! 8 Steps to Browsing Safely

    In the wake of LinkedIn being hacked and exposing 6.5 million passwords, it seems there are opportunists just waiting to take advantage of unsuspecting internet users. Some basic rules when using the internet : You don’t give your password to some random website so they can “test it” for you – you go directly the […]

  • Should You Moderate Blog Posts and Comments in SharePoint?

    When using blogs on your SharePoint intranet, it is possible to moderate the posts and comments, meaning you can decide which ones to publish. So the question is – should you do that?  In my opinion, no.  What message are you giving here if you do? We keep hearing how companies want to become more […]

  • A Better Way to Get Your News

    Pinterest crossed my path this evening.  It took all of 30 seconds to realise that it will solve my problem of how to send out and manage communications! Instead of sending out emails every week with news relevant to specific audiences; we now have boards with topics where great articles and tutorials on SharePoint and […]

  • On Being Socially Aware

    Further to my talk on activating My Sites at Share2012, and social media in general; I thought I’d expand on the importance of watching what you do when you play on social networks. It takes a certain level of internet awareness to fully embrace social networking and media.  This does not just come naturally to […]

  • Slidedecks and Transcripts from Sessions at #TechedAfrica

    Both presentations have been transcribed for you to read if you couldn’t make the sessions, (need to register for them, scroll to the bottom of the page).  The team sites slidedeck is being corrupted by Slideshare and I can’t fix it.  Ol’ Murphy won’t let it be uploaded to my website either.  The decks have been […]

  • Personal Brand

    Do you have a personal brand?  Or do you think you don’t need one?  Whether you are aware of it or not, people have decided who you are – they have allocated you a brand – good or bad, right or wrong.  Don’t you think you should have some say in that brand? Everything you […]

  • How SharePoint, Document Management and Social Networking are Trending Around the World

    Google has many handy tools to figure out your market.  Google Correlate is a new tool in their box of tricks. So I decided to have a look at the Correlate and Google Trends results on SharePoint.  South Africa may be a small country at the bottom of Africa, but we are in the top […]

  • Focus Research – Twitter, SharePoint, Social Media Contributions

    Focus has brought out 3 small research papers which contain contributions from me.   Best Practices for Using Microsoft SharePoint in an Enterprise Best Practices for Using Twitter as a Marketing  Tool How to Avoid Social Media Overload Happy reading…  

  • This Blog Renamed

    Just to let you know that I’m changing the name of my blog from Veronique’s SharePoint to Views from Veronique – along with a great new logo.  The URL won’t change, you can still find me at

  • On Twitter and Need SharePoint Help?

    A brand new hashtag was launched today by Thomas Vochtan, #SPHelp.  So if you have a question that’s stumping you, tweet it and let the international community help you.  Lots of brand names contributing to the list already. Happy tweeting. Don’t know how to use Twitter?  Read up how. Don’t have Twitter?  Subscribe to the […]