Slidedecks and Transcripts from Sessions at #TechedAfrica

Both presentations have been transcribed for you to read if you couldn’t make the sessions, (need to register for them, scroll to the bottom of the page).  The team sites slidedeck is being corrupted by Slideshare and I can’t fix it.  Ol’ Murphy won’t let it be uploaded to my website either.  The decks have been placed in Dropbox instead, email me if you’d like access.  MySites is on Slideshare.

Our Team Sites Have Sprawled Out of Control! Ok, But So What?

One of the things that IT and intranet departments complain about is site sprawl.  Does this have to be a problem?  With the correct measures in place, would it really be such an issue? What has SharePoint been positioned for at your company?  This session covers the situation many companies find themselves in, what measures need to be in place, and how to manage team sites long term.

We Aren’t Activating MySites in Our Company

We are living in a world that is evolving at a breakneck speed.  The concept of social networking is still a scary one for a lot of companies.  Having internet / social savvy staff can improve the rate of innovation in your company.  Allowing for sociability encourages people to share more, especially with the younger generation.  Staff turnover has some of the highest costs in a company, retaining staff is beneficial for many reasons. Find out about global social trends / stats; how My Sites can add value in these arenas, and how you could manage them.

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