SharePoint Saturday Cpt 2011 Wrap Up #SPSCPT

SPSCPT was a raging success and a huge improvement on last year’s event – well done Alistair, MarcBradley and Annie!!  And thanks to Sanlam for sponsoring the venue and making it the new home of SharePoint Saturday Cape Town.  (Now if only we could find a venue like that in Jhb…….).

The sessions were great and obviously the best session was by Vanessa Raath and myself on SharePoint Roles and Salaries, we had standing room only! 😉 Check us out with our fan girl Lize from University of Stellenbosch.  I haven’t forgotten about your shirt babe.

There were happy faces all day and plenty of networking going on.

SharePint ended up all over Cape Town, but the smart money stayed at Eastwoods where the cool crowd was! Sorry for the rest of you. 😉

I won an Xbox during the keynote – but didn’t qualify cos I was a speaker.  Aw. Second time I’ve won one and second time I didn’t get it.  Sigh.  Maybe third time lucky.

Ben Curry, Michael Noel and Zlatan Dzinic all graced our shores again – they’re becoming a regular fixture at our events!  It’s awesome!

If you go next year, I can highly recommend staying at Zevenwacht – a wine farm close to Sanlam.  Talk about staying in style!  Wow!  I swear that bathroom is bigger than my house.

Here’s a little clip of the day.  Looking forward to the next one.  The ante has been upped! I’ll need to call in the troops to better it! 🙂


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