I have been running Lets Collaborate for 13 years with a total of 15 years full-time experience on 6 versions of SharePoint, cloud and on-premise.  I was voted 9th most influential SharePoint Expert globally by peer-reviewed voting in May 2019.  My first project was to rollout SharePoint to 43 000 users. My largest client was 50 000 users, and smallest client 1 person.  I have engaged with over 150 clients and business partners in many industries over the years and worked on 78 intranets, giving me significant experience in getting businesses operationally organised using the right technology at the right time. My background is business, not IT.  This has always been my differentiator in the industry giving me an exceptional grasp of operational requirements, platform management and end user challenges.  I’m a big picture thinker and understand how business, technology and change management intersect and need to be strategically managed. My focus in all implementations is strategy and governance to ensure a long-term solution can be architected. I am an Office / Microsoft 365 Adoption Strategist and Intranet Architect. View my portfolio.

  • Spoken at 23 conferences in South Africa, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, USA and Canada
  • Interviewed twice on radio
  • Manager of SharePoint Experts Group on LinkedIn with over 33 000 members
  • Hosts an award-winning blog with 500 articles and an audience reach of almost 1 million people
  • Hosted 4 SharePoint Saturday events in Johannesburg
  • Microsoft Certified SharePoint Technology Specialist 2008
  • British Airways Business Opportunity Grant Winner 2010
  • SharePoint Microsoft Most Valued Professional Award 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 – first woman in Africa to win this award in Microsoft’s history
  • Certified AIIM SharePoint Specialist 2013
  • Rockstar Number 1 SharePoint Influencer South Africa 2013
  • Metalogix Influencer Network Award 2014
  • Finance Monthly CEO Award Winner 2016
  • Harmon.ie Top Office 365 Influencer for South Africa 2016
  • Harmon.ie Top 25 SharePoint Influencers Globally Shortlist 2016
  • NSBC Top 20 Small Businesses in South Africa Award 2016
  • NSBC Finalist National Entrepreneur Champion Category 2016
  • NSBC Finalist Small Business Champion Category 2016
  • NSBC Finalist National Women in Business Category 2016
  • Top 100 Office 365 Blogs 2017
  • Inspiring Fifty Nominee 2017
  • Harmon.ie Global Top 25 SharePoint Influencer coming in at 9th place 2019
  • Certified Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist 2019
  • Author of Career Success with SharePoint and Office 365, available on Amazon in Kindle and hardcopy

I work remotely from a offgrid farm in South Africa. Check out that journey and blog at Little Big Tree Farm.

12 responses to “About”

  1. Dickson Avatar

    Great! Happy New Year


  2. veroniquepalmer Avatar

    Thank you so much Khurram. Thanks for reading.


  3. Khurram Punjwani Avatar

    Great posts, I like you blog.


  4. […] goals and values. In her blog post, “How to Get Business to Take Ownership of SharePoint,” Veronique Palmer addresses the issue and offers some tips on how to get a business to take the SharePoint […]


  5. Veronique Palmer Avatar

    Hi Benjamin – I’ve dropped you a mail.


  6. benjamin Avatar

    Hi Veronique,
    we met at the last South East Asia Sharepoint conference, can you point me to your slides on Sharepoint Governance? Do you have any more changes due to Sharepoint 2010?


  7. Veronique Palmer Avatar

    HI Matt, thanks, I have emailed you.


  8. Matthew Moalem Avatar

    Hi Veronique – just stumbled on this, and wanted to find out if have heard of Yammer. Yammer will be at WPC 2011 and the SharePoint Conference in full force. Would love to schedule some time to chat.



  9. Veronique Palmer Avatar

    Thanks Chris. 🙂


  10. Chris Mabhele Avatar

    Fantastic blog V, I like … I like …


  11. veroniquepalmer Avatar

    Thanks Ronnie!! 🙂


  12. Ronnie Avatar

    Hey Babe! Hope you have a soupah Christmas, and a very successful 2010!


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