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  • Job Description : SharePoint Site Collection Administrator

    Understanding the desired attributes and skills of SharePoint people is challenging for many businesses when they don’t know anything about SharePoint.  How do you hire someone for a role you know nothing about?  The knee-jerk reaction when the subject of filling SharePoint roles is SharePoint Developer.  That may not be what you are looking for […]

  • “Is There a Career for Me in SharePoint?”

    This question comes up every week without fail.  The answer is a resounding, absolute, definite : YES! There is a global shortage of GOOD SharePoint skills of all kinds.  There is so much scope with this product that just about any business and technical skills can be applied and used effectively.  None of what you […]

  • How NOT To Advertise Your SharePoint Position

    SharePoint is a monster huge product, so it’s understandable that there is going to be plenty of confusion figuring out what type of position you need to fill to meet your business requirements. Companies really need to research this more carefully or it is going to be impossible to fill your positions when you advertise […]

  • SharePoint Sample Job Description – Project Manager

    Further to the original series of sample SharePoint  job descriptions, the role of Project Manager has (finally) been added. Remember that these specs are samples only in order to differentiate between the many varied roles available in SharePoint.  As stated in the original post on this subject, the list is far from complete, but see […]

  • Lets Collaborate is Hiring

    We are looking for a commission only SharePoint trainer / support specialist. Minimum 2 years full time SharePoint experience on out of box features on SharePoint 2007 either as an end user trainer, Site Collection Administrator or Site Owner. Some 2010 will be an advantage. BUSINESS focus person required!!  This is NOT a developer or IT […]

  • SharePoint Spotlight On – Maphuti Leta (Johannesburg, South Africa)

    Maphuti hunted me down for some training last year. We’ve had a couple of subsequent meetings and stay in touch to chat regularly. Where do you work? Group Five Construction. What is your job title? Group Knowledge & Intelligence Manager. How many SharePoint users in the company and how many are you responsible for? +- […]

  • SharePoint Spotlight On – Louise Michelson (Johannesburg, South Africa)

    Louise and I met at Information Worker, we’re both in the end user game so have a lot in common with our daily adoption challenges. Where do you work? The internal IT team at Dimension Data, C-Bits (Centre for Business Innovation and Technology Solutions). Not only do we provide re-active internal support for our employees […]

  • SharePoint Spotlight On – Tony Rockwell (San Diego, USA)

    Aka SharePoinTony, been following Tony’s blog for a while. We’re also LinkedIn connections. Where do you work? TriTech Software Solutions. What is your job title? SharePoint Administrator. How many SharePoint users in the company and how many are you responsible for? @150 and growing fast, acquisitions are underway. I am responsible for everything SharePoint related […]

  • SharePoint Spotlight On – Samir Abdul (Cape Town, South Africa)

    Neil van Wyngaard was kind enough to help out and ask one of his clients in Cape Town if they’d like to participate in this series, Samir was happy to oblige, so without further a do… Where do you work? Masthead Distribution Services Pty Ltd. What is your job title? Operations Manager. How many SharePoint […]

  • SharePoint Spotlight On – Jan Small (Middelburg, South Africa)

    Met Jan through Information Worker, he picks my brain now and again and is handling the implementation for this very large mine. He’s not quite well in the head as you can tell from his responses – and photo. 😉  Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  NO, it’s … SuperPoint? Where do you […]

  • SharePoint Spotlight On – Brett Kinmont (Johannesburg, South Africa)

    Brett and I met at an ECM Conference last year, and months later I got a call from them to come and help out. That was 6 months ago and I’m a regular at Nedbank these days. Where do you work? Nedbank, eBusiness Channels. What is your job title? Head of eBusiness Channels. How many […]

  • SharePoint Spotlight On – Linda Kot (Johannesburg, South Africa)

    Linda and I did a lot of corresponding while I was at Absa, it was great to learn from each other in this space and be each other’s “go to person”. Where do you work? Absa Capital. What is your job title? Project Manager. How many SharePoint users in the company and how many are […]

  • SharePoint Spotlight On – Marlon Green (Pretoria, South Africa)

    Marlon is a regular at the Information Worker events (think he likes the food ;-)), and contributor to the discussion boards. Where do you work? FRSTIA, onsite at Outsurance. What is your job title? Sharepoint Specialist. How many SharePoint users in the company and how many are you responsible for? Over 2300. What version of […]

  • SharePoint Spotlight On – Leanne Wilkins (Johannesburg, South Africa)

    Leanne was referred to me 7 months ago by a colleague who attended the Information Worker events.  We’ve had a few sessions since then to discuss governance, user adoption and training strategies. Where do you work? Standard Bank, South Africa, IT Production Support. What is your job title? Team lead for Intranet and SharePoint Support. […]

  • SharePoint Spotlight On – Rob Kronick (Toronto, Canada)

    Rob contacted me in July last year about my blog and website, and we got chatting. Our history in SharePoint was extremely similar, both on very large projects, loved it instantly, self-taught, little support, etc. We have been in constant contact ever since! Even though he is on the other side of the planet, his […]

  • SharePoint Job Description Examples

    There is much confusion and disagreement in the industry about who does what in SharePoint and what to call everyone. There is also the perception that one person can do it all. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are many roles required to manage this enormous platform and it takes an army of […]

  • I Wanna be a SharePoint Expert

    There is a new section on Information Worker called “I Wanna Be“. It’s a collaborative attempt by the community to provide simple guidelines for becoming a specialist in certain areas. There is so much information on the Net it is not always easy to figure out where to start. We want to help make your […]

  • What Kind of SharePoint User Are You?

    First decide what category of user you fall in to : You need to install SharePoint on the server and manage the environment thereafter. (Network Administrator) You have been tasked to administrate a site collection, (Site Hierarchy Owner) or site, (Site Owner). These roles are also known as Information Workers. You have been given access […]