SharePoint Spotlight On – Marlon Green (Pretoria, South Africa)

Marlon is a regular at the Information Worker events (think he likes the food ;-)), and contributor to the discussion boards.

Where do you work?
FRSTIA, onsite at Outsurance.

What is your job title?
Sharepoint Specialist.

How many SharePoint users in the company and how many are you responsible for?
Over 2300.

What version of SharePoint are you using and how long has your company been using SharePoint?
2007 – 2 years.

How did you learn SharePoint and how long have you been using it?
On the job at my previous company. Went to training at Bytes, was ok not WOW but better than what I’ve heard of the other training institutions.

What is the biggest challenge you face with user adoption?
Biggest challenge is the users that are set in their old ways of doing things and the company culture is such that processes and procedures aren’t priority – if there are any.

How are you handling governance?
What is that? 🙂 Governance is the single biggest issue I am faced with as stakeholders struggle to look past the technology (SharePoint) to the things that really matters most. Information architecture, retention policies, knowledge management and transfer, document naming conventions, etc. These are things that cannot be defined or agreed upon here. Governance goes far beyond just the use of the system but has a lot to do with WHY (are we using this system).

Do you have a dedicated SharePoint team and Executive buy-in and is it helping?
Yes … ME, myself and I. Slowly but surely getting the buy-in.

If you had unlimited resources in your company and could design the ideal SharePoint dream team, what would it consist of?
A server/farm administrator, web designer and 2 site collection administrators.

Have you built anything cool (out of box) in SharePoint that your users loved, and if so what was it?
Mostly infopath forms. If you can get anything working on infopath without any weird errors than that is cool!

What functionality do you use the most on a day to day basis?
Everything – forms, Sharepoint Designer, custom lists, content types, and whatever else I might have omitted. Workflows are used in the bare minimum though. 🙂

How has SharePoint changed your life?
Given me a different perspective on content management and collaboration. I eat, sleep, drink, dance, eat-drink SharePoint.

What’s the hardest thing about your job?
Nothing is hard, its just frustrating. Getting the governance thing working.

What’s the best thing about your job?
Always challenging, and getting the governance working.

What do you know about SharePoint 2010 and are you planning to upgrade?
Personally for me, SP2010 is a bit more of the same….sleeker and more intuitive.  Not planning on upgrading soon.







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