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  • Latest News from a Microsoft Keynote and Office 365 Stats

    Check out the keynote from the father of SharePoint, Jeff Teper, from the Microsoft 365 Virtual Summit this week. Some quick highlights : SharePoint has grown TEN-FOLD since 2016 SharePoint usage has doubled in the past 12 months Office 365 has 258 million monthly active users Microsoft Teams has 75 million daily active users The […]

  • How to Keep Your SharePoint Links Clean

    Have you seen %20 in your links? This is caused from a space in the name of a site or app when it’s created. It’s helpful to understand how to read links in SharePoint Online because it can make your navigation super fast once you figure it out. To fix this, put the words together […]

  • 36 Reasons Why #SharePoint is an AMAZING Document Management Platform

    So many more companies are discovering the power of SharePoint now that they have Office 365. We’ve had a few companies ask us recently if SharePoint can do the document management they require; like can it replace their own document servers, or docs in Dropbox. The answer is a resounding yes! Here’s what SharePoint can […]

  • 10 Things You Can Do With SharePoint With No Code

    When you’ve been in the game as long as we have, you can forget that there are millions of new users on the Office 365 / SharePoint platforms all the time. We are in numerous groups on social media and keep seeing people want to do custom development / workflow for things that have been […]

  • Understanding #SharePoint Links

    We’ve made a new user guide for you. There are plenty of newbies entering the SharePoint space, so this is specially for them. Download the PDF.

  • SharePoint Virtual Summit 2019 Keynote Link

    CLICK HERE to watch the SharePoint Virtual Summit tomorrow, 21 May at 12pm PDT, 3pm EDT, 7pm UTC or 9pm South African time.

  • 53 New #SharePoint Site Collections in 25 Days…

    … in a company of just over 2000 people. So howz your SharePoint Online governance plan coming along….? Office 365 groups has been punted as the next best thing to sliced bread. Everyone seems to think it’s such a great idea to link 6 different products together with one account. And yes yes, in some […]

  • Are You Planning on Becoming a #SharePoint Specialist? An Introduction to Business Analysis

    We live in a world of endless possibilities and there is no need to stay in jobs you hate anymore. You can change your stars in a million ways. The way that worked for me was to embrace a single platform, SharePoint, (learn how I did that). Being the brilliant business tool that it is, […]

  • Don’t Hide the #SharePoint Search Box!

    Another requirement from one of the developer Facebook groups this weekend : Does anyone have some tips on how to hide the searchbox located in the upper right corner, my extension don’t wanna hide it for some reason. We cannot reiterate enough on what a TERRIBLE idea that will be – do not do this. […]

  • Nominees for the #Top25 SharePoint Influencers 2019

    Here’s the list of nominees this year, privileged to be included again. Voting closes in 4 days!! You can vote for 3 people. Have your say.

  • Why Migrating Your Fileshares As-Is to #SharePoint is a TERRIBLE idea!

    We’ve seen 4 clients this year alone who are basing their intranet design verbatim on their fileshare / shared drives structure. Some people are advocating just using a migration tool to bulk get it all in. This is not going to end well, here’s why. First of all, you are assuming that a fileshare is […]

  • SharePoint Beginners Are Everywhere

    It’s very easy to forget where you came from and what your first years was like learning a new technology. Us veterans in the industry need to remember this. Most clients are 2 to 3 versions behind the latest version of SharePoint in the industry. The bulk of the business users – still – are […]

  • New Book : Career Success with SharePoint and Office 365

    We launched a book this past week.  It is available on Amazon right now. It also managed to get to the Number 1 spot in Hot New Releases in Career Guides!  That’s pretty cool!  These numbers change all the time, so for now we are basking in the glory. 🙂 We are brand new to […]

  • SharePoint Permissions Setting

    This still seems to be slipping people’s minds when working with SharePoint permissions.  It makes it very hard to troubleshoot your sites if you are not a Site Collection Administrator. So check all the user groups on your sites, (Site Actions – Site Settings – People and Groups – Select Group – Settings – Group […]

  • Get Pictures into SharePoint Lists with No Code

    Add pictures to your staff or product databases in SharePoint Custom Lists easily by using a Multiple Lines of Text field.  Create your list (or library) with fields as required, but add an additional Multiple Lines of Text field and call it Profile / Product Pic. Make sure the formatting of the field is Enhanced Rich […]

  • Happy Birthday SharePoint!

    17 years old today! (Thanks to SharePoint Maven for reminding us of the anniversary).  My how our little baby has grown.  How long have you been in the game?  12 years for me now, I can hardly believe it.  My first view of SharePoint was SPS2003.  The upgrade to MOSS 2007 was a revelation at the […]

  • “SharePoint is a Swear Word in Our Company”

    If we had a hundred bucks for every time we’ve heard that over the past decade…. Take heart in the fact that you are not alone.  Whilst SharePoint (and now by proxy Office 365), are brilliant technologies that we believe implicitly are game changers for just about any business; they are very complex platforms that need […]


    Is there something you don’t like in SharePoint / Office 365, or something you want?  The only way to get that addressed is by adding your voice to : SharePoint Uservoice Office 365 Uservoice Sign in or sign up to add your say.  Search for similar ideas and add your vote if you think […]

  • Which Version of SharePoint Are You On?

    Microsoft made a handy cheatsheet for you to figure out what version of SharePoint you are using.  Why is this important for you to know?  Well, once you get involved in SharePoint … and get the right training 🙂 … you will start to love it and want to do your own troubleshooting and research.  […]

  • The Difference Between a SharePoint Site Pages and a Pages Library

    A Site Pages Library is created by default with every single SharePoint team site.  It holds the wiki page that makes up the home page of the team site and creates a How To page as well. (Don’t forget to always delete that how to page so it doesn’t mess up your search results).  A […]