Latest News from a Microsoft Keynote and Office 365 Stats

Check out the keynote from the father of SharePoint, Jeff Teper, from the Microsoft 365 Virtual Summit this week.

Some quick highlights :

SharePoint has grown TEN-FOLD since 2016

SharePoint usage has doubled in the past 12 months

Office 365 has 258 million monthly active users

Microsoft Teams has 75 million daily active users

The daily minutes on Microsoft Teams has grown 20-FOLD in the past quarter

There are 4 billion minutes a day used on Microsoft Teams

You can see 9 people simultaneously now like in Zoom :

Noise suppression takes away annoying background noises during Teams meetings, like dogs barking, typing and opening packets :

Communities coming to Teams :

New “Lists” coming … but not in SharePoint where they’ve been for 18 years. No, they’re getting their own section off the waffle now. Sigh….. try explain all that to newbies. Anyway, nice list formatting coming with it :

Home sites support multiple languages :

New things since the last conference :

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