SharePoint Site Collection 404 Not Found Error

If you click on a link to a site collection and get this error :

And then go to the SharePoint Admin Centre and still see it in the list, but clicking the link still give the 404 error above :

Then is means that the Home Page has been deleted. To get it back, go to any other site collection, then Site Contents.

Copy all the text in yellow below once in Site Contents :

Go to the site collection where you get the 404 error and paste it to the end of the link after the site name :

The page will display in the Site Contents screen. Go to the Recycle Bin :

Tick the box next to Home and then Restore :

The site is restored :

Be careful when deleting pages from the Site Pages library – don’t delete the Home page or it causes the above issue.

16 responses to “SharePoint Site Collection 404 Not Found Error”

  1. William Avatar

    Nailed it! Great!


  2. Ademola Alabi Avatar

    This was very helpful to me,

    Thank you


  3. Jeroen Avatar

    Thank You very much!!


  4. Pablo A Avatar
    Pablo A



  5. Jeff Loo Avatar
    Jeff Loo

    Thanks for the help!

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  6. Karen Avatar

    He estado buscando esta solución por todos lados!!! Aprecio mucho su ayuda

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Beth Avatar

    Thank you sssoooo much! You saved my life! I know that sounds dramatic but it was!!

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  8. Veronique Palmer Avatar

    Odd indeed, I would log a call with Microsoft for that.

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  9. David D. Avatar
    David D.

    Nice job — found and restored access to a page using this guidance. Thanks. 🙂

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  10. Anthony Avatar

    What about when it shows the 404, but Home.aspx is still intact and not deleted. This is for SPO, specifically. Site was fine 2 days ago when the user last used it. All other pages on the SPO site work


  11. Shanin Avatar

    Thank you so much. Appreciate this


  12. Athena Downs Avatar

    Thank you so much Veronique 🙂


  13. sharepointsaketa Avatar

    The blog is quite precise and informative.

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