I Wanna be a SharePoint Expert

There is a new section on Information Worker called “I Wanna Be“. It’s a collaborative attempt by the community to provide simple guidelines for becoming a specialist in certain areas. There is so much information on the Net it is not always easy to figure out where to start. We want to help make your life easier.

Not all the sections have been completed yet so if you are a subject matter expert in that area, please share your knowledge with the community and help people skill themselves up; or alternatively add to the wikis that are already there.

Don’t forget the forum tomorrow, see you there.


  1. In hindsight I don’t think anyone is an expert. But you are right on your thoughts. I would add being a good people’s person is an essential quality to being a SharePoint person.


  2. Turning out to be a SharePoint expert doesn’t only necessarily mean being aware of about technologies. Being a specialist additionally means having an concept of what is readily available and make use of it.


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