What Does SharePoint Sound Like?

Conferences are for coming up with new ideas to make life more fun!  Enter “What does SharePoint sound like”.  And we’ve got a few more cool ideas in the pipeline, watch this space.

A ticket to the Share2012 conference was up for grabs at my Teched session – and this is what transpired.  (Also posted to LCTV).

I’ll be prowling your halls with my video camera in tow, so don’t be surprised if somewhere, somehow, I pounce on you and make you famous! 🙂


  1. BRILLIANT! Since no-one has won the Share2012 ticket (I hope:-))…SharePoint sounds like::: My First, My Last, My Everything…The answer to all my dreams. The one I’m living for, and I want for ever more…my first, my last….my e v e r y t h i n g:-) (Barry White)
    la la lalala la la la la la (smurfs)


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