Business is Dull

“We get email, send email, detach things from email, save those things, read them, and make some edits.  Sometimes we file them or make copies of them so we don’t lose them.  We share them with other people who change the format of these things and show them to groups of other people.  We stow things away for a while.  Then we retrieve them and take little parts of them and put them into bigger files, where they become part of what we call ‘intellectual capital’ (because we don’t want to call them bigger files)”.

Excerpt from Why Business People Speak Like Idiots, (brilliant book).

Ouch!  Truth hurts huh.  Definitely no James Bond stuff happening in there. Regardless of all the strides we’ve made in technology, it still just comes down to this doesn’t it.  It was so honest it just made me start laughing.

It’s time to make business fun again – bring James Bond, Disney and Marvel Comics back to business.  We spend so much time at work, why does it have to be so serious all the time? It’s all just a game after all.  Let your inner Super Hero out and start thinking up ways to make mundane tasks fun.  The whole office will thank you for it and you’ll feel like a teenager again.

Can you think up a good way to make the opening excerpt fun?

The best idea will win ShareMaster of the Month! (Street cred, you know you want it!).


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