Blah Blah Blah Waffle Waffle Waffle ….

“Enterprise Content Management brings all of an organization’s unstructured content into a managed environment for sharing, controlled access, findability and archiving. Knowledge within an organisation includes insights and experiences as well as tangible information that is embodied in individuals or organisations. Provide a single repository, accessible by all staff, capable of dealing with all kinds of content, servicing business processes across the organization, and providing a single, secure records archive with managed disposition. Use information management technologies for unstructured content. The common goal is to provide users with a single-access capability allowing them to find, retrieve and process information from wherever it is stored, without needing to login to multiple applications. Increasingly, underlying content services infrastructures have emerged as a base for content management and business process applications. Portals, collaboration and search capabilities form the basis of an Information Management and Collaboration solution to provide collaborative workspaces in which people can communicate and interact as well as share documents and business intellectual capital.”

Uhm, what?

“Store and share documents and knowledge on your intranet”.


How are you communicating?  Ever heard of the Flesch Reading Ease Test? In the business world you want your Reading Ease score to be between 60 and 70.  It basically measures how easy a document is to understand.

The first paragraph scores :

Second paragraph scores :

Wanna know how your documents rate?  Activate the setting in Word and find out.

Then run a Spelling and Grammar test.

And at the end you will be given the stats and scores.

Cut the BS, people can see straight through it anyway.  Just tell it like it is.  And if you ever catch me waffling again, karate chop me!


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