SharePoint Saturday Johannesburg is Looking for a New Home

It’s time to get SPSJHB organised … but we’ve outgrown our old home and we’re looking for a new one.

SharePoint Saturday Cape Town has been very kindly adopted by Sanlam.  We’re looking for a similar venue in Joburg and someone to adopt us.

What we need is a main room that can hold around 200 people, then 5 break-away rooms that can hold around 40 people each where we have the sessions (business, developer, IT Pro, voice of the customer and vendors). We can possibly consolidate some of the tracks and reduce the rooms to 3  but it would be nice to have a full house. Seeing as labs were so popular in Cpt, we might try that in Jhb too, in that case we’ll need another room full of PC’s to set up shop.

We also need a speaker room for the show stars to practice their skills in peace, and then a main area where we can put up vendor stands.  The number one request from this year’s event was “more vendors”, so that’s great news for all the partners out there.  That same area can double as a food serving area if possible, but if not, then we need a place to server graze too.

It would help if this venue was in a main centre like Sandton, Fourways, Centurion etc as we have international speakers coming out, as well as regional speakers and we need accommodation and facilities close by – and don’t forget SharePint! A great hang-out to mingle after the event is standard operating practice. 🙂

We have found one or two venues, but they are horrendously expensive and huge sponsorship money needs to be raised to cover those costs.  SharePoint Saturday is a free event for delegates.  Then we found the ultimate venue in the Southern Sun Grayston, but they are closing down now, such a pity.

This will be an annual event and the next one is planned for May 2012.

Can you help?

If so, please contact me.  We really need your help in finding the perfect venue.

Check out this cool blog on why attending SharePoint Saturdays is great!


  1. Wowzer, hope we get this sorted out. Thanks for all the effort Veronique. You definately keep the community buzzing along.

    You need a medal. 🙂


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