New Book : The SharePoint 2010 Handbook

Paul Beck rallied up a bunch of SharePoint peeps and made us each write a chapter for The SharePoint 2010 Handbook – and it’s just been published!! Order now! 🙂  Many, many thanks to Paul for initiating, driving and delivering this project.  It was a pleasure to work with you.

These are the self-contained chapters in the book:


  1. Hi Andre,

    It’s not just for the overseas community no. It was just easier to get published on Amazon first. The authors are from all over the show. I have forwarded your suggestion to Paul, let’s see if we can get it to Kalahari too. Not too sure how it works, maybe it’s a demand thing hey. We’ll keep you posted. I am getting a few copies though, so I’ll get one to you soon as I receive them if you like.



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