Teched Africa 2011 Wrap Up #TechedAfrica

Great event! Great sessions! Great company!  Great organisation!  Great food! Great parties! Great entertainment! Great great great!

The combined Partner Summit / Teched didn’t seem to impact anything, although some people felt the dynamic had changed.  Did it?  Couldn’t tell, the parties still carried on till 4am…

The exhibition hall is the best I have ever seen at any conference anywhere! AMAZING JOB  to whoever thought that up.  Just love Micropolis – do that again!!!  Love the plants, turn it into a jungle!

Vendors went all out this year, complete with climbing wall (Didata) and iBar (BCX).  That iBar is the coolest thing ever, no idea where I’d put it, but I want one!

Thanks to Mimecast, I spent half of Teched accosting people to take their photos to win a trip on a fighter jet – but was ousted at the last second!  I’ll catch you next year Timo!  Thanks to Craig Nicolson for trying to help me win at the end … (and then he wins one of the prizes instead of me!?  Sigh).  Endless entertainment.  MonsterSlayer was a winner.

Speakers don’t get conference bags (?) but we did get a weird and unusual gift! It’s an eco-friendly pot! It also makes a fantastic cushion for 6 year olds who refuse to sit on a chair without it now.  Bye bye pot.

 The weather did not play along and we got rained out every day until the last day – whereupon the sun came out.  No surprise that 7 people ended up with flu this week.

Found out that some of our community members have skills we didn’t even know about! Francois Compion has serious piano skills.

Was very pleased to see a little piece of legacy at the conference!  SPSJHB lives on!

IW team leads old and current hanging out!  (Rob Maclean, Michael O’Donovan).

And of course plenty of silliness, fun and games at the parties.

That didn’t end well for everybody……

Good times, good times…

Well done to Pam and company for a well oiled event!

The whole experience was made magical by having the right company throughout.  Thank you to Vanessa Raath, Francois Pienaar, Alistair Pugin, Graham Butler, Zlatan Dzinic, Stephen Zwarts, Marius Botha, Michael O’Donovan, Craig Nicolson, Francois Compion, Johan Myburgh, Ben Curry, Greg Fibiger, Rob Maclean, Gary de Beer and Andrew Thorton-Smith for all the laughs and smiles and having my back at every turn.  You rock!

See you next year for sure!

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