Are YOU a SharePoint Rockstar 365?

Introducing a proudly South African platform – Rockstar 365.  Built by Paul Slade, Lawrence Cawood and Sven Laurencik originally for the CRM guys, they have extended it to include SharePoint.  Rockstar 365 is about scoring and ranking the best Microsoft professionals on the planet.  Find out more.  Healthy competition is good for everyone, but finding platforms that represent everyone fairly and not just by how many followers you have, has proven tricky.  Let’s hope this platform will be able to provide a better picture of everyone.

Of course that’s easy for me to say when I am #1 in South Africa! 😉  I love the competition, it motivates even more than I already am.  The game is on again!! 🙂 Bradley Geldenhuys is hot on my heels and on a mission to knock me off.  Lets Collaborate and GT Consult – who will it be in future?? Either way, it’s a testament to small business out there.  Don’t write off a business just because they’re still small; they can be dynamite!

Rockstar Profile 2013-06-10 number 1

Rockstar Profile 2013-06-10 Bradley

Rockstar 365 built a mobile event evaluation system just for SharePoint Saturday Jhb that took place this weekend.  Thanks guys, we were delighted to be the guinea pigs. Looking forward to seeing the uptake of that this week.

Sign up now via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and try it out.  The platform works better if everyone is on it.


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