The New Résumé: It’s 140 Characters

According to the Wall Street Journal, Twitter is the new elevator pitch on our skills when job hunting and is becoming a bigger recruitment platform.

CV's on Twitter 1

CV's on Twitter 2You do realise that you will be Googled if you are job hunting right? Make sure your social media profiles are reflecting what you want to be and make sure you don’t say something you will regret.

If you are job hunting right now, or stuck in your current career, here are some tips to rebrand yourself.  And then my golden rule of social media – if you don’t want to see it on a billboard across the highway, don’t hit the enter key!

Billboard Highway

You can reinvent yourself and change jobs any time you like, you have endless choices. You can use the social media tools to position yourself as a subject matter expert – for free! Just be smart about it.

dr seuss

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