Opening Modern SharePoint Online Icon and Menu Links in a New Tab

For those of us used to classic SharePoint; being in control of what links open where was never an issue. In modern SharePoint Online, we no longer have this luxury. Microsoft has taken away the ability to open links in new tabs just about everywhere. (Yet go into Site Contents and click on stuff, and everything opens in a new tab! Sigh…..).

Anyway, Googling a solution has not helped. I don’t want Java Script on the page, because then it opens every single link in a new tab. I want to selectively open things in new tabs.

Till a solution is found, I was taught a cool trick by James Buckingham. Did you know that if you hold down the CTRL key before clicking any link in a browser, the link opens in a new tab? Well it does. Try it now. 🙂 (There is the old stand by of right-clicking and open tabs too of course).

So in the meantime, we just have to put messages above links we need treated differently, which is super annoying. But it’s a cool productivity tip to teach your users … CTRL, click!

There are loads of requests for this on Uservoice. Please vote for them so Microsoft can fix this.

If you know what to add to the end of a link to make it open in a new tab without using code, please tell us. The struggle is real.


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