Scripts to Block Self-Service Power Platform Licensing Released #Office365 #Microsoft365

Further to our global call to action to stop this; Microsoft have released the PowerShell scripts to switch off self-service licensing. This is for all the IT Pros out there, to use the MSCommerce PowerShell module, you need:

  • A Windows 10 device
  • Administrator permission for the device
  • Global or Billing Admin role for your tenant

While this is a start, we still don’t think it’s enough. We still believe this must be OFF by default with a radio button opt-in on the tenant admin to cater for the countless small to medium business on Office 365 who don’t have IT Pros at their fingertips. If you agree, then please don’t let up. Carry on voting this up because otherwise Microsoft will just leave this “solution” in place and move on. Our request is now lying second only to a post from 4 years ago on the Office 365 Admin uservoice list. Keep up the good work Office 365 / SharePoint community! Sanity will only prevail if we insist it does. Come 14 January 2020, this is all ON by default.

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