An MVP With Heart

Howz your Valentines Day treating you?  Personally, I’ve hated Valentines Day pretty much my entire life.  Do you know I used to not go to work if this day fell on a week day? I used to dread it because the other girls would get flowers and I never did, so I took the day off.  Think you’ve got issues…? 😉  It took decades, but I’m over that now, and now it’s just another day.  So why am I writing a blog about it?

It’s been a rough few months in Veronique Land.  I was pushed completely off my path late last year and I’ve lost my way for the most part.  I’m completely off my game.  By the grace of whomever it is you pray to, I’ve managed to pull myself up and find the strength to start again, try again.  Not without help of course;  I have been graced with the most beautiful angels gently holding my hand and guiding me that I can only feel the deepest gratitude and love for.

An MVP is awarded for a couple of reasons, technical expertise usually, and more recently community and business expertise.  But it’s not really for anything that really matters, not really really; in the big scheme of things. The IT industry is intense, competitive and a brutal assault on the senses. Well, I’m here to say : “I’m not playing anymore”.  It’s a silly game; I’m exhausted, and trying to keep up with the Jones’s has resulted in me completely losing myself and going a little crazy, (or a lot, depending on how well you know me).

So instead, this Valentines Day I am going to celebrate heart instead and aim for a fulfilling and loving life. I’m going to award myself a world that is filled with kind, loving, supportive, nurturing, empowering, gentle, inspiring, patient people.  I’m going to start by being one of those people.  I’m going to fill my life with business and personal relationships that are mutually fulfilling, respectful, forgiving, kind, adventurous and filled with fun and laughter.  I’m going to show gratitude and appreciation for every blessing in my world.  I’m going to aim for contentment and happiness.

That is going to be my award system.  Not big cars, big houses, big bank balances, big offices in every country, fighting for poll position on everything, putting on a show for the sake of appearances, putting on a brave face because you’re expected to do so.  No more.  I’ve tried all that, I don’t like it,  it doesn’t work for me, or serve me, and I’m not doing it any more. If you don’t have true inner peace, contentment and serenity, all the riches in the world will leave you feeling poorer than you’ve ever been.

So dear readers, I wish you love today, from the bottom of my heart.  Spread a little love regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or single.  You are here for a reason, and that reason is different to every other person’s around you.  And if you’re lost like I have been, the only place to look is inside yourself.

“Everything will be ok in the end, and if it’s not ok; it is not yet the end”.

Happy Valentines Day.

love diamond

Thank you Sophie.


  1. @Thersa, hi doll – it’s really good see I’m not alone! 🙂 You certainly got a lot done with that time. Mine wasn’t nearly as constructive. 😉

    How do I do what I do? By surrounding myself with the right people, and when I get it wrong, correcting it fast and moving on. Have a great week babe.

    @Athena – sure is love.


  2. Hey, I took the day off too. Day before as well. Got a lot of “me” time and appointments accomplished even in the middle of an Ottawa snow storm. I managed to pick up chocolates for my three favourite people on the way home. One of them made dinner and a lovely dessert.

    However do you do it with managing a technology / solutions business and keep up with the competition? Kind of ironic when one is promoting and supporting a platform that encourages communication and collaboration.

    I also make an effort to surround myself with supportive, positive people who show gratitude – and I follow their blog posts too!

    Have a nice weekend, eh?



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