SharePoint 2010 Webinar – Site Pages for Beginners

Pragmatic Works is hosting a 3 part series of webinars for me starting next week.  The first in the series is SharePoint 2010 Site Pages for Beginners.  It’s free and only an hour so register if you’re interested.  For the locals, it takes place at 6pm South Africa time on Tuesday 19 April.  The US time is on the website, (and image below).  There are nearly 700 people registered for the first one already!

There are also a bunch of BI webinars scheduled, our local Mark Stacey is one of the presenters.



Unfortunately due to confusion with the time zones and organisation, the webinar did not take place. We were both waiting for each other on different sides of the planet at different times. Our sincerest apologies! I hope it will be rescheduled.  Trust me I am just as disappointed as you are.  So sorry everyone.


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