So, you think you don’t have time for SharePoint?

Not enough Time
Quite often, when implementing SharePoint there is a bit of resistance, and people believe that this is just something new added
to their existing job profile.

Think about Microsoft Outlook, and when it started becoming common practice to use as the preferred method to communicate with suppliers or customers.
The resistance experienced at the time, was from people not comfortable with using a PC.
This process was new and unfamiliar to them, and took longer than sending a fax.

In most offices today, people try and avoid using fax as a method of communication, because it just takes so long, and you sometimes have to walk to a fax machine, and then manage filing and paper storage etc.

When preparing staff in an office to use SharePoint, be realistic and clear about what the benefits are.  For example, anything that becomes electronic may take longer to input, but will save a lot of time where filing may be involved.
Queries also become much easier and quicker, because the required data is available to everyone in an instant.  This transparency will assist everyone to embrace the new process.

Taking the time to familiarise yourself with any new software, like SharePoint, will make it easier to use, quicker to understand the benefits, and you may even become the specialist in your office.
You will be surprised at how taking that first step to embrace change and new things, will change how you learn to handle anything new,
in your career and personal life.

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