This SharePoint Blog is Moving…

In case you missed it, all my SharePoint blogs have moved to Lets Collaborate News & Blogs.  Here’s what we’ve published recently:

Lets Collaborate News and Blog

While SharePoint in Lets Collaborate lives on stronger than ever, this Views from Veronique blog is going to be taken over by my new adventure about getting to and creating an off-grid, organic permaculture, eco-community farm. While that long term goal takes shape, the principles will be applied on a micro level in a new house with a large garden.

See more on The Right Fork and Sustain Me.


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2 Responses to This SharePoint Blog is Moving…

  1. John says:

    Makasih atas infonya , Adria


  2. shewrite63 says:

    Best wishes for you in your endeavour, Veronique. I shall follow your updates with interest, as a city mouse cheering from the sidelines in another hemisphere.


    Liked by 1 person

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