Are You Living In Fear?

awakeningThe internet is a terrible and wonderful place all at the same time.  It’s our global consciousness with nowhere to hide from our magical and monstrous side. It has never been easier to be vicious and cruel, or loving and generous. We have more knowledge freely available to us than at any time in our history.  It has never been easier to thoroughly research anything you thought you believed to come to a new understanding about it. It’s never been easier to learn something new every day and have an idea you’ve never had before.

You get see the most beautiful, uplifting stories of love, kindness, courage, faith, generosity, humour, compassion, inspiration, motivation, liberation, awakening, imagination, creativity, forgiveness.

And then there’s the dark side. People being unnecessarily cruel, judgemental, closed off, shallow, dishonest, vindictive, hateful, petty, greedy, fearful, vengeful, manipulative, resentful.

So many people living in so much fear….. It is not supposed to be this way.  Look I get that that we can all be all of the traits above in one form or another – but which wolf will you feed?

I saw this one minute clip this week.  It is one of the most powerful clips I have ever seen. For me it sums up pretty much how we ended up like this and the two sides that exist.

It’s been a week of fear-filled remarks on Facebook, Twitter and my other blog, (as well as some pure frustration on my part) – some from the usual suspects, some from complete strangers. It used to make me very mad – but you know, I’m just not doing that any more.  I’m done with the drama – this is a drama free zone!

People getting SO angry when they get told something that is 100% contrary to what they thought was true, refusing to hear it, shutting down and attacking instead.  People seeing the negative in every single comment, article and situation. You know the type right… You do realise you are allowed to change your opinion about something once you’ve learnt new information about it huh?

I just can’t do that negative scene anymore.  I can’t do the I refuse to accept any opinion that contradicts mine scene.  I can’t do the vicious, kill or be killed scene. I can’t do the my stuff is bigger than your stuff scene. I can’t do the people hiding behind aliases to attack other people scene. I can’t do the every man for himself scene. I can’t do the endless bitching and complaining about life scene. I can’t do the destruction of the planet scene.

It just doesn’t make any sense to me to live that way.

We have complete free will on this lovely planet of ours, we all get to choose the path that brings us the most joy.

So I choose who I hang out with, who I talk to and respond to.  I choose to only surround myself with loving, caring, positive people who care about the world around them and want to make a positive difference.  I choose to create a world of cooperation, trust, abundance, sharing and love with an open heart and open hands. I choose to see the bright side and gift in every situation.  I choose to first do no harm.  I choose to be surrounded by nice people, and be nice.

That’s it really…

Fear 6

Fear 11 Fear 12 Fear 14 Fear 15 Fear 1 Fear 2 Fear 3 Fear 4 Fear 5
Fear 8 Fear 9

Fear 13


  1. I’m with you, babe except for the blonde leaning backwards from that precipice. I’m still working on my fear of heights and … sudden gravity. Positive thoughts. Good deeds. Courage.


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