Office 365 Personalisation Changes

New changes have been brought in to customise your experience.  Click the settings cog next your picture and Office 365 Settings.

Office 365 SettingsCheck out all the options to personalise your experience.  Update your contact details etc.

Settings PageYou get to choose your own start page now.

Start Page

This is what the Office 365 Home Page looks like for example.

Home Page for Office 365And change the theme to something funky.

ThemeYou can also insert a custom image on the suite bar now. Click on your tenant name.

Tenant NameAnd edit the theme as required.  The image requirements are dodgy, the image we uploaded was far too big in those size requirements and had to shrink it to almost half before it stopped cutting off.

Custom ThemesAlthough, I am waiting patiently to see when this will display…









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