Taking Charge of Your Career

Just read a very thought-provoking article on LinkednIn called The End of Careers as We Know Them by Ray Williams.  The end bits of advice struck a cord with me. They are also a great addition to my previous blog post.  SharePoint can be your ticket to a whole new life.  It might not be the way you imagined it would happen, but by following this advice, you will open doors you never knew even existed for you.  Just go for it! … And always remember #7.

  1. Take responsibility for managing your own career. Don’t wait until you’re fired, laid off, burned out or fed up to revitalize your career. Manage your career on an ongoing basis, particularly through the good times. This includes becoming your own benefits manager;
  2. Realize that the old social contract—employee work in return from employer loyalty and job security– is dead. Even if you work for someone else, think of yourself as an entrepreneur;
  3. Become comfortable with change. It’s likely you’ll be in several careers during your lifetime, sometimes as a result of changes outside your control;
  4. Establish and develop a strong social network. Connecting with people on an ongoing basis will strengthen your capacity to manage your career;
  5. Create and develop your own personal brand. To be marketable in the workplace, you need more than experience and an education. You are more than your job, and being able to see and promote who you are in totality, makes you more marketable;
  6. Establish and develop your professional reputation. It’s portable, and hugely affected by social media. A positive reputation can make or break individuals or organizations;
  7. Accept that you are more than your job. Whether you love or hate your job, making it your identity is a big mistake. Reflect on what legacy you want to leave in life, and be happy with your definition of personal success.


One comment

  1. #7 Just does it for me. The job you do can be limiting but the person you are cannot be limited. I believe in selling the person brand and ever since i took up that approach i now focus on improving my person and this cascades to improving which ever role i take up. That way my value will go up regardless of my role because it’s what i bring to the role that matters and not the other way round. Great post again Veronique.


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