Newbie to SharePoint and the Bug has Bitten? 11 Next Steps

Just when you thought you hated your job and were trapped with nowhere to go, SharePoint falls into your lap and your whole world changes.

That first month of SharePoint excitement can carry and energise you for years! (If you’re getting onboarded by the right people of course).

So you’re brand new to the SharePoint space, you’re loving it, the bug has bitten, you want more, you’re not taking no for an answer, what’s next?  Here’s 10 things for you to consider:

1. Start attending a user group. Growing your network in SharePoint Land is something that can last a lifetime.  Introduce yourself and make friends.

2. Get business cards printed.  If your company doesn’t let you. do it privately. It doesn’t cost a lot at all.  Hand out these business cards at the user groups.

3. Make sure you have a professional LinkedIn profile and add all your new contacts straight after you meet them.

4. Take the initiative at work – no-one is going to hand SharePoint or a new job to you on a silver platter, if you want it, you have to go after it.  Volunteer to learn and build, get more training.  Nag incessantly!

5. Embrace Google – training is great but can only take you so far.  You need to get your hands dirty and start building and troubleshooting yourself.  (You will seriously impress IT this way).

6. Read blogs – find your favourite business blogger and follow them.  Comment on the blogs that you like, bloggers really appreciate the interaction.

7. Ask for help – Google is great and all, but there is a ton of sometimes conflicting information out there.  In the beginning you may not be able to separate the good from the bad.  Phone a friend and ask when you get stuck.

8. Find a mentor – there are so many amazing role models in SharePoint Land, find one that speaks your language, follow them around and absorb everything they say.  Ask for referrals if you haven’t met one yet.

9. Find your niche and style – decide what your passion is and specialise in that, don’t try be all things to all people, or be a copycat, you will fail and drive yourself crazy in the process.

10. Listen – it’s a dying art.  Listen to your mentors, listen to your users, listen to the pros on the speaker circuit, listen to IT, listen to everything while you learn – then make up your own mind when you’re skilled enough in your craft.

11.  Stay humble – always remember this time of your life in this journey.  Soon enough you will be a specialist and jetsetting around the world on the speaker circuit if you want to. Remember your humble beginnings, don’t become an arrogant shmuck.

Welcome to you!  It’s a helluva ride, enjoy every second of it! You won’t be sorry.

Get excited


  1. Veronique:

    Finding a full-time or even steady contract job in SharePoint has been the hardest career move I have ever tried. Here in the U.S., having the word SharePoint on your resume is like dangling a dazzling fishing lure in front of recruiters. They don’t know what SharePoint is but they know they can “sell you” if you have SharePoint.

    Now that I have my PMP, now that I have built training videos for one SharePoint installation, I need to find SharePoint work that utilizes my PMP, training, and/or help desk experience. I’m looking for help and ideas from your readers.

    Veronique, will you be my SharePoint mentor? You already know me from my many comments on your blog, here’s hoping you say “yes”. We are linked on LinkedIn.

    Thanks Veronique and Best Wishes,

    Richard Kraneis, PMP
    Chicago, IL USA


  2. This is so true. Even though my role has changed, I still continue to embrace SharePoint, and it always makes my job exciting, interesting and opens up doors in terms of networking. Thanks Veronique, for opening that first door!


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