Share Conference 2014 Favourite Quote

Hands down the best quote at the conference was by Marie Wessels on  her session about integrating SharePoint and SAP :

“Thou shalt not toucheth SAP on its funny place”.





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  2. Sounds like a great experience Jeff, you should blog that for us and share the link. I’m sure my readers will get value from that. I have no SAP experience so it would be great for me too.


  3. Very true. The reality is … there is a LOT of silo’ed information stored in SAP. SharePoint is a great way to surface that data and put it to good use. The user experience is more conducive to modern employees (think Millennials) and business processes (think BYOD). I just spent a week at the SAP Sapphire conference showing people how to Get SAP Data into the Cloud with Office 365, Azure, and SharePoint. I’m happy to share if you want to know more.


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