A Panic Shared is a Panic Halved

We live in a society where appearances are everything.  We are expected to just put on a brave face, suck it up and not bother anyone with our issues. We are expected to never show weakness, vulnerability, or Heaven forbid, fear.  So many people living in quiet desperation.  Social media doesn’t help.  People look so gloriously happy and successful on Facebook, don’t they. And when you’re feeling like the world’s biggest loser, it just depresses you even more to look at any of it.

Just reach out.  Find someone you trust and open up to them.  Make sure it is someone who is going to give you constructive advice and leave you feeling lighter, empowered – and better!  Not worse.  There is no need to panic, or feel embarrassed in asking for help.  Most of the time, people want to help, they just don’t know how.  Asking for help usually energizes the person you asked, it kicks people into solution and caring mode – and that’s good for everybody.

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