New Book : Career Success with SharePoint and Office 365

We launched a book this past week.  It is available on Amazon right now.

It also managed to get to the Number 1 spot in Hot New Releases in Career Guides!  That’s pretty cool!  These numbers change all the time, so for now we are basking in the glory. 🙂

We are brand new to the world of authoring books and the learning curve has been nothing short of gargantuan! It’s a whole new world out there people! Well, it is for us anyway.

The main thing we’ve learnt is that there are over a billion books published on Amazon.  The only way to get your spot in the sunlight, is by getting book reviews.  And it can’t just be from your mom or sister, no, it has to be “people you don’t know”.  What….?  Do you know how many people we are connected to on social media?!  Anyway, it’s not clear how Amazon decides who’s friends and family and who isn’t, but ultimately, there needs to be a minimum of 10 reviews on your book before the Amazon algorithms kick and stuff starts to happen properly.  We’ve got one. 🙂

If you are kind enough to have been following this blog so sometime, and kind enough to buy the book, (it’s on special for a couple of weeks during launch), then please would you write a review on Amazon for us if you think it added any value to you.  Try be specific about what it is you liked please.  And of course, if you didn’t like, we won’t take offence to that either.  We will learn from it and do better next time.  (And trust me, there is going to be a next time).  If you loved it, please also share it with people who are busy hating their jobs.

Happy reading.  We can’t wait to see what you thought.



  1. Cool! I need to get a copy of this! It is amazing how this tech changed so many lives, not just as a transformation tech, but as career boosting



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