Beware of Microsoft ‘Update Password’ Email Scams

The hackers are getting smarter and smarter.  The latest emails are pretty much perfectly formatted. At first glance you would never see that it was a scam.

Update Password Scam 1

Update Password Scam 2a

It even has a lovely clickbait description.

Update Password Scam 0

But if you look closer and hover over links, you can quickly see that something is wrong.  First of all, this comes from your own email address. Click reply and you’re sending a mail to yourself. Plus you are being addressed as Dear User, Microsoft’s emails don’t come out like that. Also, the slight space missing between punctuation is a give-away.

Update Password Scam 3aa

Then when you hover over all the links, they either come up with hashtags or links!

Update Password Scam 3

Update Password Scam 3b

My company name is written wrong in this one too, another give-away.

Update Password Scam 4a

This is what it is supposed to look like. Note the links to Microsoft and Office 365.Update Password Scam 5

Nice try elasticbeanstalk! No cigar this time!

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