“I’m Going to Make Millions”

We hosted a stand at the My Business Expo last week.  We were privileged to have hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs and start-ups at our stand all day.  We got to hear so many stories and plans which really gives me hope for this country.

The main questions I asked everyone was “how does it end and why are you starting a business?”.  Apart from a lot of blank stares, the answer we got across the board was “I’m going to make millions!” Only one person said she wanted to hand it down to her family one day.

Not one single person mentioned a thing about making a difference in this world, creating jobs, making something beautiful that heals the planet, uplifting people, being part of the solution, or creating a better lifestyle for themselves with some quality time off to do the other things they love.

MoneyHungryIt was kind of sad that the main goal of 99,9% of entrepreneurs is to “make millions”. How are we going to create a better planet to live on if all we live for is money? I get that we need to pay to live, but if we don’t consciously start creating new ways of living here, it is just not going to end well.  I asked a 7 year old recently what he wanted to be when he grew up.  He said “rich”.  My heart bled for mankind.

The role-models of alternative ways of living are few and far between.  Aiming to make millions in a system that is so rigged is going to be fraught with challenges and heartache. The “American Dream” isn’t real.  How much is enough?  Because I promise you, no matter what you start earning, it will never be “enough”.  We are such a clever species, surely we can come up with better business models that uplift everyone and don’t wreck the planet and our souls in the process?


  1. I am finding more and more that the “journey” is definitely the fun bit. We’re in the mould of loving what we do and hoping we can pay the bills :). Weirdly – it’s kinda workin!

    Would love to do a virtual conference for startups (on a Saturday) when we have a window. I am guessing that’d be something you’d be up for to?

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