How Office 365 Can Help Small Business Owners Get Organised

Despite the many challenges our country faces, there are still countless people trying to make a difference and starting their own businesses.  These people are all on the transition team and no effort in this space is wasted.

If you have your own business or are thinking about starting one, keep the end in mind.  It’s something they don’t tell you in the brochure – one day you will want to get out, and then? Is all your information in your head? Can your business operate without you?  Can you go on leave for a month and still keep the lights on? If not, you don’t have a business, you have a job.

This is where Office 365 can be invaluable to entrepreneurs.  Get into the habit of documenting everything about your business, then store it online so future staff (and investors) can get to it.

There are 58 different products in Office 365, so it is a little tricky to understand what to get and when, but the short version is this : Office 365 gives you a cloud solution of Microsoft Office with portal capability to create an intranet, and then some fancier tools on top of that to manage information once you get more advanced.  The products available depending on your license are listed under your apps which are accessed from the top left of the screen. If you are brand new to Office 365, chances are you are using it for email and Microsoft Office only, but there are other awesome tools available to you to create an intranet.

Office 365 Apps

Come and see us at the NSBC My Business Expo on Thursday to learn more about how to get started.

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