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  • How Successful is Your SharePoint Deployment?

    AIIM has released their latest report on SharePoint 2013 as well as a cool supporting infographic on deployment issues in SharePoint. Defining a SharePoint Strategy is absolutely critical to the success of the platform. Upgrading to new versions of SharePoint without understanding what went wrong in the previous version is not going to solve your problems. […]

  • New Terminology in SharePoint 2013

    The only thing you can be sure of is that things change right.  If you’re used to using SharePoint 2010 and totally in love with it, it will be quite a change when you go to 2013. Here’s some new words you’ll need to get used to. New in SharePoint 2013… In SharePoint 2010 this […]

  • SharePoint Date Format for South Africa and Other Regions Outside the USA

    The date format defaults to the American format and as I explained in the previous post, this is not always the most efficient way to sort documents. The date format can be changed on site level, site collection level or farm level.  If you can’t get your IT department to change it farm level, do […]

  • Why Using the Date Format YYYY-MM-DD Works #SharePoint

    Files are stored in alphabetical and numerical order from the left hand side in Microsoft products.  Look at the order of the files and documents in this example.  If you had to find the newest minutes, you would have to read through the whole list to find them. But if you changed the date format […]

  • Managing Expectations When Making Your SharePoint Team Sites Look Pretty

    Once you’ve started to get SharePoint around your head a bit, you will want to make your site look prettier.  It’s sometimes hard to justify to your bosses what you’ve been doing all day long when you’ve been working on SharePoint the whole day – it may not look like you’ve done much right?  It’s […]

  • Inline Editing Not Working?

    Inline editing on list and library views will only work if you use the default Style. Go figure.

  • The Difference Between SharePoint 2010 Lists, Libraries and Pages

    Beginners to SharePoint often battle with the concept of how team sites are put together.  Team sites are made up of lists, libraries and pages. Lists Think of your Excel spreadsheet.  You have column headings and rows of data that are captured under those headings, like this : SharePoint Lists are like an online version […]

  • SharePoint Tip of the Day

    Technology changes at lightning speed and SharePoint is no different.  If you want to stop worrying about every version that comes out and build solutions that people will use, you need to look at the way you approach SharePoint differently. Instead of investigating how to do something on SharePoint, why not do internet research on […]

  • Site Collection Audit Settings

    Have you activated the audit settings on your site collection? If there is a leak of critical company information resulting in losing a merger deal, and the Chairman of the Board wants to know who read or downloaded the strategic document from SharePoint; what are you going to say?  Sorry, we didn’t activate the audit […]

  • Journey to Learning a New Version of SharePoint – Part 1

    For business users with no prior SharePoint experience, using SharePoint for the first time has it’s advantages.  You don’t carry any baggage of previous versions with you; it’s a clean slate. But there are 150 million business users out there that don’t have this luxury and are set in their ways.  They have been on […]

  • Building a User Community

    It’s not an easy thing to get a community going and to be self-sustaining.  It takes very long term and dedicated effort to maintain the momentum. Kathy Sierra has written a wonderful blog on building communities!  It’s chock full of fresh ideas for the SharePoint world.  In it is a link to Building User Communities […]

  • 10 End-of-Year Things to do on Your SharePoint Sites

    With one week left before most people go on leave, chances are most people are working all that hard anymore.  We’re all too tired and ready for a break.  If you don’t really feel like doing your day job, why not do some annual maintenance on your team sites? 1. Go to All Site Content and check […]

  • Making Full Use Of Technology

    Entrepreneur Magazine published a great article this week about how important it is to be generally tech savvy to increase your productivity. However, getting to that point had so many parallels to SharePoint; any of this sound familiar? 1) The person who chooses the applications assumes that they are the best qualified to evaluate application. […]

  • SharePoint Governance Competition – Are YOU The Golden Lifeguard of the Year?

    Axceler is running a competition to see who the governance superstar of the world is.  If you have implemented a governance plan, are maintaining it, written one, whatever – if you have been involved, your efforts could be just what the judges are looking for.  Win a trophy and the recognition of the community. Enter […]

  • Don’t Give Up

    Is learning and using SharePoint getting you down? Does it feel like an insurmountable task to learn it?  Are you wondering what you’re even bothering for? Maybe thinking you’re too old, too young, too stupid, too thin, too fat, too tired? It’s ok to feel like that sometimes, but you are none of those things. SharePoint is […]

  • Can’t Move Pictures in your SharePoint 2010 Site Pages?

    Are you trying to move your pictures around your page but they aren’t moving, and you’re just getting the ‘denied’ icon? It’s because there’s a link on the picture.  You have to remove the link first, put the picture where you want it; then put the link back on. I didn’t believe it either, had […]

  • Wanted : SharePoint 2010 Site Themes

    They are impossible to find … All we are looking for is standard team site themes that can be uploaded to the Theme Gallery.  Can anyone help us? We do not want custom master pages, we do not want any special branding on the out of box look and feel – all we want it […]

  • Dragging and Dropping Emails into SharePoint 2010

    Many companies block the ability to allow incoming email into SharePoint.  Many people need to keep mails for many different reasons. While you can drag and drop multiple documents into SharePoint 2010, that doesn’t work when you try drag emails directly from Outlook. So to get around this, drag the mails to Windows Explorer first […]

  • “View” Permission Level Gotchas in SharePoint 2010 and Office 365

    Have you noticed the “view only” permission level in SharePoint?  The difference between read access and view only, is that view only permissions doesn’t allow users to download documents. However, there is a glitch in 2010 in that this view permission level doesn’t work when you assign it to a group.  The users in that […]

  • Benefits of Using SharePoint My Sites

    There is often nervousness about activating My Sites in an organisation.  Here are some benefits of doing so. Backup Content Encourage people to use the space on My Sites as backups for laptops for those very important docs that aren’t ready for team sites yet.  The default space limit is 100MB per user, but some […]