Making Full Use Of Technology

Entrepreneur Magazine published a great article this week about how important it is to be generally tech savvy to increase your productivity.

However, getting to that point had so many parallels to SharePoint; any of this sound familiar?

1) The person who chooses the applications assumes that they are the best qualified to evaluate application.

2) Managers assume that an application is user friendly enough and that people will figure it out by themselves or that because they themselves know how to work it, everyone else does as well or will be able to figure it out.

3) Managers assume that any training program will do, but not all training programs are equally effective.

4) To solve it – determine where you are today, then compile an action plan and execute it.

It all sounds so completely logical, doesn’t it.  So why is it so hard?


  1. the famous quote that i really like is “its always darkest before the dawn”. in life there are things that gets worst first before it gets better..


  2. Veronique,

    It is so hard because they are all assumptions…
    Paul Culmsee taught me this. To Assume makes an ASS out of U and ME.
    Another famous quote by a famous author called Steven S. : Assumptions is the mother of all f*ckups.



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