New Terminology in SharePoint 2013

The only thing you can be sure of is that things change right.  If you’re used to using SharePoint 2010 and totally in love with it, it will be quite a change when you go to 2013. Here’s some new words you’ll need to get used to.

SharePoint 2010 2013

New in SharePoint 2013… In SharePoint 2010 this was…
Apps and Web Parts Web Parts / Lists / Libraries
Branding Box Icon
Call Out / Up Menu Preview Pane / Dropdown Menu
Community Site Discussion Board
Drag and Drop Upload Multiple Files
Edit in Browser Edit in Word
Files Documents (in ribbon)
Hover Over / Preview Pane
Members Site Members
Microblogging Note Board
NewsFeed Note Board
Popularity Trends
Pop Up Menu Preview Pane / Dropdown Menu
Promoted Actions Bar
OneNote Meeting Workspaces
Owners Site Owners
Promoted Results Best Bets
Quick Edit Datasheet View
Result Sources Search Scopes
Search Verticals
Share Grant Access
Shared With Library / Document Permissions
Site Contents All Site Content
Site Feed Note Board
Site Mailbox
SkyDrive Pro SharePoint Workspace
Suite Bar
Sync SharePoint Workspace
Usage Reports Web Analytic Reports
Visitors Site Visitors


  1. Thanks for this! I think some of the 2010 terminology applied in 2007 as well, right? I had one unhappy camper when I provided an intro session for SP2013 test users and it became evident that that Meeting Workspaces are no longer supported. So, it looks like my folks will have to become familiar with OneNote I will have to become familiar with OneNote too :o\


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