Lets Collaborate Turns 2!

Yes folks – 2 years old today!  That all important milestone for small businesses; surviving the first 2 years has just been reached.

It is thanks to my magnificent clients who give me endless repeat business, sing my praises and make me think out the box every day.

It is thanks to the awesome local and global SharePoint community for supporting and encouraging me, and helping me get clarity on issues.

It is thanks to my wonderful friends and family who patiently sit by and and love and forgive me while I cancel so many things cos I have to work.

I’ve got a little gift coming to my nearest and dearest, so watch this space. Unfortunately due to an insane schedule this year, I wasn’t able to arrange another party.  Guess I’ll have to make up for that at Christmas! 😉

150 blogs, countless forum posts, 4.3GB’s worth of emails, 81 written compliments, 733 users trained, 1 completed mentorship program, only SharePoint business MVP in Africa, 36 flights, 9 conferences, attended 21 user groups, about 3500 hours, a video channel, arranged one SharePoint Saturday, 5 websites, 9 user manuals, 12 courses, hundreds of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ friends, 21 pages of Google results on Veronique Palmer.

What next?  Stick around and find out! 🙂  Here’s to the next 5 years – may we continue to have this incredible and blessed journey together.

At your service, as always,



  1. Congratulations Veronique!

    2 years in business is always an achievement, 2 years when you start up in the middle of a global recession – awesome!!


  2. You have been having the impressive number. Congrats and happy birthday Lets Collaborate, which is definitively SharePoint collaboration worldwide.


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