The SharePoint Galaxy

Galaxies.  Billions of galaxies made up of dust, gas and billions of stars. It’s this huge, immeasurable, overwhelming concept that leaves you full of wonder.  You dream of travelling to new worlds and imagine what’s out there.  When you look at the night sky, the stars twinkle back at you.  They’re perpetually moving in endless cycles.  Beautiful as it is, it can make you feel so small.

SharePoint.  Billions of sites made up of documents, information and millions of users.  It’s this huge, immeasurable overwhelming concept that leaves you full of apprehension.  You dream of travelling across town to escape.  When you look at the night sky, blurry computer eyes obscure your vision, so you can’t see the stars.  You can’t move off the couch because you’re too tired.  You read the smalls to find a new job.

There are millions of SharePoint stars out there – beginners, specialists, experts, end users, power users, developers, salesmen, IT pros, knowledge managers, taxonomy specialists, business intelligence gurus, architects, branders, project managers……  It’s an eco-system of business and technical professionals moving in perpetual motion around the SharePoint sun, evolving over years and years.

The challenge we face is how to bring that sense of wonderment to the galaxy of SharePoint.

It takes a star to bring out the adventurer in working professionals to encourage them to try new ways of thinking and working.  To take them to new worlds without leaving their desks.  To turn them into avid virtual travellers.

You are that star.

Be the light that shines the way.


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