SharePoint 2007 Poster – Team Site Permissions for End Users

Understanding SharePoint permissions can be a tricky business.  It is not easy to explain all the concepts to rank amateurs.  In my experience, users need 4 – 6 months working experience with SharePoint before they are ready for permissions training.

Click here to view a poster which demonstrates the differences between unique and inherited permission sites.  Note how the group names changes as inheritance is maintained or broken.

If you are responsible for a site collection, or team site collection, it would be prudent to attend permissions training to understand the long term implications of how you are setting things up.

Permissions can be done on a site, library and document basis; but just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. Doing permissions on a document basis (item level) is not best practices.

Planning is absolutely critical in permissions management, as well as governance.  There are far reaching implications of permissions on a team site basis.  Understand how it all fits together so you can make an educated decision on how to structure your site.

Lets Collaborate’s unique-in-the-industry Permissions Course covers the following and includes applicable governance guidelines in each:

  • How permissions fit together
  • People and groups link
  • Editing the group quick launch
  • Groups and more links
  • Site Permissions
  • Members, owners, visitors
  • What the groups can do
  • Adding users to groups
  • Notes on adding users to groups
  • Deleting users from groups
  • Moving users
  • Creating new groups
  • Delete a group
  • Leveraging groups
  • Inherited permissions chart
  • Inherited permission sites
  • Unique permission sites
  • Unique permission site management
  • Site access requests
  • Breaking inheritance on inherited sites
  • Re-inheriting sites
  • List and Library permissions
  • Document level permissions
  • Limited access chaos
  • Locking yourself out
  • Re-inheriting permissions
  • Custom item level permissions

Everything in this course is applicable to SharePoint Site Owners.


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