SharePoint Saturday Cape Town (#SPSCPT) – 16 Oct 2010

Another successful SharePoint Saturday Cape Town event was organised by Alistair Pugin, also known as the ECM Ninja! It’s no mean feat to get things like this organised, so well done Al.  The CherPoint shirts went down a treat!!

I attended the keynote by Ben Curry,  Troy Gerber’s session on user profiles sync in SharePoint 2010, and Tony Lanni’s architecting robust global SharePoint infrastructure.  While they were mostly technie focussed, I learnt a thing or two and every bit helps as they say.  The message is clear no matter what conference I attend across the globe – there’s is so much to learn, and don’t rush into an upgrade. Plan!

Mark Stacey introduced me to the Twitter Archivist, which produces some cool stats.  Some of us unfortunately had the wrong hashtag in the beginning, we used #SPSCT.  Here’s the stats for the #SPSCPT :

There were not nearly enough people on Twitter for this event, (nor TechEd for that matter).  Kinda weird seeing as it is for IT professionals….

Four international speakers graced our shores : Michael Noel, Zlatan Dzinic, Tony Lanni and Ben Curry.  We showed them some true South African hospitality and true to form, SharePint was the highlight of the day, with all the usual suspects to partake in the festivities.  The SharePint shirt I got from Rackspace at BPC came in very handy.

We might have gone a tad overboard on this one, seeing as it ended at 5am, but a fantastic time was had by all.   Truly a night we will not forget.  Made new friends and reacquainted with old ones.

Got Harvey on the global map at The Grand, what an awesome beach bar.  Could spend a lot of time there.

Now that I’ve attended SharePoint Saturdays on 3 continents, the next step is to bring SharePoint Saturday to Johannesburg, so watch this space, planning is already underway.

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8 Responses to SharePoint Saturday Cape Town (#SPSCPT) – 16 Oct 2010

  1. Axceler kindly changed their blog post and phoned to apologise profusely! Thanks guys, that was thoughtful. Apology accepted!! 🙂

    Note to anyone else wanting to use CherPoint tshirts – don’t print them unless you put Axceler’s logo on it too, or they’ll get mad.


  2. It seems Axceler (Dave Gretan) has their noses out of joint about the CherPoint shirts. Axceler : we would have immediately (and did) give credit if we knew where they came from. If you allowed comments on your blog posts we could have told you that.

    By your own admission, everybody on the planet is doing it. So why single out South Africa? We have done so much to promote your products. Is that the thanks we get? I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t get that kind of treatment from AvePoint.


  3. @ Zlatan – LOL, yes NOW! 😉 Thanks hun, I will definitely be doing so. 🙂


  4. Aha! We were wondering who originally came up with it and when we saw it first. So it was Axeler hey? Cool. Thanks for the heads up. It was a great concept.


  5. Ah, the infamous bootlegged CherPoint shirts! I heard about these. While Axceler did not get the recognition for these, I am glad to see the image spread! I like it in orange, as well.


  6. Zlatan says:

    I liked Al better when he was the EMC Ninja 🙂
    So NOW you wanna organise the SPS Johannesburg….. ok I see 🙂

    As usual if you need help, let me know


  7. Yes it was. I can’t believe Immix wasn’t at TechEd by the way. What was that about?


  8. Francois H. Pienaar says:

    Looks like I missed a jol. Let me know if you need a hand in planning the Jozi one. Keen to be involved.


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